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  • What lies ahead for Cadmium in 2022? As our clients align their onsite conference and online education initiatives, Cadmium has developed a suite of offerings to help you take a strategic approach to event and learning management. Join Cadmium CEO, Jim Obsitnik, as we take a high-level look at Cadmium's upcoming product and feature releases, and how you can leverage a unified approach to events and education in 2022.

  • Join us as we take a look back at some of the best sessions from this year's CadCon Peak conference.

  • Wondering how to enhance online engagement with your learners or attendees? Look no further - our very own Cristyn Johnson explores how to improve online engagement and outlines the importance of giving your learners and attendees a variety of engagement options.

  • The demand for effective digital learning is at an all-time high - and it’s no wonder! The largest continent in the workforce, Millennials and Gen Z, prefer microlearning to all other formats for continuous professional development to adapt to career demands. Collections of curated content aren’t going to cut it. If microlearning is not part of your organization’s learning content strategy, let’s fix that

  • Includes Credits

    Organizations have been producing hybrid events for many years. So what has changed? The answer is everything. This past year taught us about the power and reach of virtual education programming. Does it make sense to go back to the way it was once the pandemic is over? We will explore this question and address strategies and tactics for leveraging everything we learned last year as we make plans to return to traditional onsite conferences.

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    This year brought a sudden emphasis on virtual education as many of us were unexpectedly met with a huge challenge of transitioning our place-based events to a virtual format. Faced with this situation, all of us were forced to innovate quickly. The result was creative solutions that maintained the norms of traditional learning while remaining socially-distant. As we catch our breath, it’s time to take a fresh look at an oft-overlooked staple: Webinars. The impact of this past year has radically and permanently changed the webinar landscape. But what does the change mean, and how can organizations make this transformation work for them? Join us as we discuss how to best position and produce your webinars for future success.

  • Includes Credits

    Join veteran experiential designer and long-time association industry leader Mallory Gott, founder and creative director of G+A, an experiential design firm, as she introduces you to the same 4-step framework used by AHIMA, the Endocrine Society, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and more to transform their approach to solving seemingly unsolvable problems and designing incredible experiences.

  • Learn how to reignite excitement and participation around online learning opportunities within your association and how ad targeting can play a powerful role in boosting course enrollments, especially right now. Whether you’re a one-man-marketing-band or have the support of an entire team, you will take away a fully-baked, multi-channel campaign plans you can apply right away.

  • Hear Event Garde, CEO, Aaron Wolowiec and CommPartners, CEO, Rich Finstein, share how important it is for learners to receive more personalized learning recommendations. These pathways could be for stand-alone courses or a clear path comprising of a series of learning interventions, resulting in greater engagement and a higher return on their investment.

  • Why do we like learning in a fun, interactive setting with classmates rather than learning alone at a computer? The key is in the psychology of social learning. We learn better when we can interact with and collaborate with others.