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  • As educational landscapes evolve, organizations are adjusting their learning delivery methods to accommodate the needs of members and learners. Join us as we discuss how blending learning capitalizes on the best of both in-person and virtual delivery methods, allows for greater flexibility in the digestion and absorption of learning content, and numerous other benefits to embracing this new trend.

  • With the return to in-person events in 2022, 2023 looks like an exciting year to get creative and try new things. But what is the right direction to increase your 2023 event ROI?

  • While learning trends the past few years have focused on meeting the moment, trends moving forward are based upon what we’ve learned while operating during disruption so we can continue to meet the most pressing needs. In this session we’ll discuss the top five trends impacting education program development in the coming year, the whys behind them, and the massive shift across sectors to focusing on DEI in learning design.

  • Data is king when it comes to event strategy. But what data can bring the best results?  Join us as we chat with Bear Analytics about what event data points you should be monitoring to benchmark your progress, track real-time spending, and how to hone campaigns that drive your target audience to register for events.

  • In the ever-changing world of events, the need to streamline the presentation and speaker process are greater than ever. Imagine having one source to manage every aspect of your presentation and speaker needs. What exactly does that look like and how does it work? We’ll demystify the system and discuss opportunities that working with one person and utilizing powerful Cadmium tools provide, as well as breaking down additional benefits and practical insights on how best to use your internet and network.

  • In-person events are back! So what’s to become of our virtual audience? Is live streaming or recording your event still worth it? Join us as we dive into the trends of live streaming and recording events today, how and where to start if you’re on a budget, and how to make the most of your recorded content.

  • Microlearning is a powerful component of your LMS toolkit. Join as we explore adult learning and microlearning techniques that can drive retention in your LMS, such as infographics, gamification, spaced repetition, and more. Following a brief presentation, we'll break out into a workshop and apply what we've learned to a brief course in EthosCE.

  • The possibilities are endless on your event website. Join us as we dive into some outstanding eventScribe use cases that will drive revenue for exhibitors, sponsors, and your own organization. From evergreen sponsorship opportunities and resource centers, to making the most of HTML, we're covering everything you need to know to take your event website to the next level.

  • Video is an integral part of any learning management business. From the quality of the content to the level of interactivity, videos can make or break how engaged learners are with your course. The problem with putting your video content online is that you may unintentionally leave yourself vulnerable to unapproved content sharing or even video piracy. Most learning management systems (LMS), including Cadmium's Elevate and EthosCE, support embedding or uploading videos, but a unique offering of both Elevate and EthosCE is the ability to integrate directly with Warpwire, Cadmium's secure video management platform, allowing for additional security with your learning content. This session will take a look at best practices with ensuring the video content on your LMS and tools built-in to Warpwire to ensure your content is secure.

  • Leveraging event analytics is critical in making decisions about what technology to use, how to use it, and ultimately how to execute an event that attendees are sure to talk about for months to come. One of the benefits of leveraging technology within an event is that you are privy to lots of data and information that you wouldn't otherwise have access to. So, what data and analytics are available across Cadmium's EventTech product line? And perhaps more importantly, what are some of the most beneficial pieces of data that you can take a look at to ensure you're accomplishing the goals of your events? In this session we'll explore key aspects of event data available within the EventTech product line that you should leverage as you plan your events.