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Using Lead Retrieval to Boost Exhibitor ROI at Events

Using Lead Retrieval to Boost Exhibitor ROI at Events

New lead generation trends have emerged with the rapid shift to digital forms of interaction using a mobile app. For example, a mobile app can use a QR code printed on a badge and used by exhibitors to qualify attendees quickly.

In this session, we'll walk through the journey of a QR code and delve into case studies through the lens of the exhibitor, attendee, and event manager on their lead generation experience compared to Cadmium's Lead Retrieval product.

Learner Objectives:

  • Learn how Cadmium uses QR codes and how it can streamline your lead generation at in-person, virtual or hybrid events.
  • How clients are currently using Cadmium's Lead Retrieval and how it fits into Cadmium's EventTech product suite.
  • How exhibitors can maximize their data to gain insights into what attendees are interested in. 

Michelle Wyatt

President & CRO


CJ McBride

Product Manager


I graduated in 98 from Villa Julie College (aka Stevenson University) in Maryland with degrees in Computer and Business Information Systems. During college, I was privileged to begin an IT career with United Parcel Service (UPS) and remained with the company for over 23 years. My passion lead me closer to home and other opportunities, where I joined the CadmiumCD team.

In my spare time I enjoy time with my family, doing video and media at BACON, being crafty with any DIY, enjoying my pets, singing, eating Indian or spicy food, a love of coffee and playing video games.

I am the proud mother of a wonderful teenage son, fiancee to a great man, and the owner of 3 dogs (Chelsey-Boxer, Libby-Plott Hound, Dozer-Beabull), 1 cat (Jack-Orange Tabby), and 1 bird (Spirit-Sun Conure).

Pam Mueller

Project Manager


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