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Key Reasons to Use Warpwire's Secure Video Tool with your LMS

Key Reasons to Use Warpwire's Secure Video Tool with your LMS

Video is an integral part of any learning management business. From the quality of the content to the level of interactivity, videos can make or break how engaged learners are with your course. The problem with putting your video content online is that you may unintentionally leave yourself vulnerable to unapproved content sharing or even video piracy. Most learning management systems (LMS), including Cadmium's Elevate and EthosCE, support embedding or uploading videos, but a unique offering of both Elevate and EthosCE is the ability to integrate directly with Warpwire, Cadmium's secure video management platform, allowing for additional security with your learning content. This session will take a look at best practices with ensuring the video content on your LMS and tools built-in to Warpwire to ensure your content is secure.

Learning Objectives

  • Attendees will learn best practices with securing their video content
  • Attendees will learn about key security features available within Warpwire

Misia Szech

Warpwire Product Owner


Misia joined Cadmium in March 2022 as the Warpwire Product Owner. She oversees the Video on Demand (VOD) and Live streaming products. Prior to working with Cadmium, Misia was a Product Owner for an online education company working with their LMS and the public website. Misia currently resides in Forest Hill, MD.
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