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Customizing Your Event Website to Maximize ROI for Exhibitors, Sponsors, & You

Customizing Your Event Website to Maximize ROI for Exhibitors, Sponsors, & You

The possibilities are endless on your event website. Join us as we dive into some outstanding eventScribe use cases that will drive revenue for exhibitors, sponsors, and your own organization. From evergreen sponsorship opportunities and resource centers, to making the most of HTML, we're covering everything you need to know to take your event website to the next level.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to customize a Virtual Resource Center in place of or in tandem with an exhibit hall
  • See how HTML can create additional sponsored content and opportunities on your event website
  • Understand how to use static pages to deliver customized sponsor content

Session Sponsor

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Lacey Kishter, DES

Vice President, Otakorp | Exhibitions Director, Otakon


As the Vice President of Otakorp and Exhibitions Director of Otakon, Lacey oversees the management of each department at Otakon including their staff and budgets. Lacey uses event technology to foster collaboration and introduce innovative ideas, taking meetings from good to excellent. Her commitment to excellence has been acknowledged with the honor of being named in the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) Top 20 under 30.

Katie Owings, DES, CEM

Director of Operations

SB Expos & Events

Katie has been working at SB Expos & Events for over 6 years now and oversees our operations department to uphold industry best practices. Her teamwork persona is perfectly suited for the events industry. She is the proud recipient of an IAEE Award in 2018 – Top 20 under 30 and is Certified in Exhibition Management.
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