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Creating Evergreen Content  from Live Events

Creating Evergreen Content from Live Events

"Will this session be recorded?"

If you didn't hear this question regularly before the pandemic, you're bound to hear it now. And for good reason: with content recordings, your content can reach people who couldn't make it to the event itself. There's no simpler way to extend the value of live events for you, and your audience.

Join us as we show you how to unlock the potential of educational video in your LMS. We'll dive into how you can securely capture, analyze, share, and organize video content with our secure video delivery platform, Warpwire. Get actionable advice to attract and engage viewers across devices and learning environments.

Brooke Benton

Sales Engineer


Brooke Benton has been working in events for a decade, beginning her career working as a booth representative for a recruiting firm based out of Atlanta. In this role, she traveled onsite to various trade shows to recruit education-based special needs therapists. In 2015, she moved to Baltimore and began working as a mobile app project manager for the Cadmium mobile app product for the next six years. As a mobile app product manager, Brooke worked closely with clients to help them develop appropriate timelines to launch their products, and assist them in the development and execution of the product while staying within their budget. Brooke also has several years of experience traveling onsite to events to assist attendees with tech support issues and manage the mobile app product during the event. In 2021, Brooke transitioned over to the Cadmium sales team as a sales engineer, which is her current role. As a sales engineer, Brooke performs technical demos of any of the EventTech product line products and helps customers envision how Cadmium products could work for their event and make their lives as event coordinators easier.

Brooke earned a BS in International Business from the College of Charleston. She enjoys traveling, reading, painting and spending time with friends and family.

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