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CadCon Peak 2021 in Review

CadCon Peak 2021 in Review

Join us as we take a look back at some of the best sessions from this year's CadCon Peak conference.

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    Wondering how to enhance online engagement with your learners or attendees? Look no further - our very own Cristyn Johnson explores how to improve online engagement and outlines the importance of giving your learners and attendees a variety of engagement options.

    Online engagement and collaboration allows you the opportunity to deepen connections with your learners, increases learner satisfaction and retention of information, and keeps your learners coming back for more. So how exactly can Elevate help drive this engagement? Join us for this session as we take a look at best practices, as well as the numerous tools and features available for you to take advantage of on your Elevate site today.

    Cristyn Johnson

    Director of Education and Engagement


    Cristyn Johnson is a learning and development leader in the continuing education field. With a passion for helping people learn and grow, she specializes in creating and executing learning strategies and programs based on individual and organizational needs. Cristyn is currently the Director of Education and Engagement at Cadmium, where she works with clients to create, develop, and launch quality educational experiences that engage and inspire learners.